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Isabelle Wenzel, Glorietta Reantaso and Anita Szymczak  PLAY

PLAY is a collaborative work by Isabelle Wenzel, Glorietta Reantaso and Anita Szymczak. It is a polyphony of visions that bring about a joyful representation of women in a free, non-hierarchical manner. As authorship is put aside in favor of cooperation, the perspectives of the three partakers – a photographer, a performer and a stylist – blend together, generating new, unexpected turns. Their teamwork is an uninhibited celebration of joining forces through the body in movement. Liberated by fixed roles, the subject evolves, converts, transpose page after page. A moment of experimentation expressed through printed matter.

21 × 29.7 cm, 40 p, ills. colour, wire-o, cut pages
ISBN 9789493146747
Design & Edit: Jurgen Maelfeyt
Edition of 800, May 2024