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Hannah Joseph X Elaini Lalousis, Hannah Rudd X Quinta, Will Pegna / ATT - Choreographies Pt.4 Live

20:00-21:15 Fri 19 Apr 2024
BLOKspace Leyton, 258 Church Rd, London E10 7JQ

Flux Projects is proud to present Choreographies Pt 4 Live, a live dance and performance art event featuring movement works by Hannah Joseph x Elaini Lalousis, Hannah Rudd × Quinta and Will Pegna / ATT. The event will open the art exhibition Choreographies Pt 4, featuring artworks by Anna-Lena KrauseIsabelle Wenzel and Will Pegna.

Ax.One is a duet choreographed by Hannah Joseph, performed by her and Elaini Lalousis with music by Cairo Brown. Separate pathways and separate cognition, feeding into one shared entity. Information fires between sharp minds, as they take turns to cut out a new course. Can this shared force stay equal, or must slices axe one out?

Long-time collaborators Hannah Rudd and Quinta intertwine human experience through music and movement, recently delving into themes of reshaping identity after physical loss. Researching a creative methodology expressing resilience, hope and joy in order to connect with those who have shared similar experiences. For this performance, reuniting after international work, they will surprise each other with shared research ideas, discovering how these come to life through performance.

Equipment ritual and function converting. Will Pegna, leading artist for research-based project series All Terrain Training (ATT) presents a new work: Parasound, the first edition of ATT’s new season of shows proposing substitute applications for modern athletic equipment.

Doors open: 19:30