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Let’s dance because no one is watching

13:30-15:30 Sun 3 Dec 2023
Studio Wayne McGregor, Here East Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E15 2GW

This workshop will be led by dance artist Hannah Rudd. Through the workshop Hannah hopes to bring a cathartic connection to move without pressure of output, product or external visibility.

She will begin the session with casual conversation around what it’s like to be a dancer at a time when everything feels the need to be visible through social media. How in a world of teasers, trailers, behind the scenes and click bait we can become disconnected from the meaning of why we move.

The movement part of the workshop will predominantly be inspired by what comes up through conversation, what ideas the group might like to explore in a private and unseen place. However, there will be a shared warm up and offering of choreographic material, should this feel like a useful or appropriate starting point at the time. The workshop will then continue to be developed creatively together through improvisation, ideas, tasks, words, musical input - anything that takes our fancy and most importantly - feels good.

There will be no live, or recorded content made through the workshop for the purpose of social media. This really is an offering to dance because no one is watching!

Hannah will be joined by live musician and composer Quinta, and live illustrator and artist Kelly Anna.