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Mark Making with M.Lohrum

11:00-13:00 Sun 19 Mar 2023
Create+Destroy Studios, Unit 105, Monier Works, 2 Casings Way, London E3 2TH

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore mark-making from an experimental perspective, based on the corporeal, the sensorial and systematic approaches that move away from the conventional hand-eye relationship that has traditionally dominated drawing.  It will consist of a series of exercises inspired by the artistic practice of M.Lohrum, who investigates the intersection between drawing and performance, and the importance of the body, gesture and movement in both artistic practices. The exercises will be based on guidelines, which nevertheless allow a wide space for improvisation and chance.  Participants will work individually as well as in pairs or groups, exploring the capacities and limits of their body in the creation of traces through performative and collaborative processes.