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Flux Projects is proud to present Apocalypse: a series of short films, to be released monthly throughout 2023, by twelve unique artists whose primary practices involve a range of media (including performance art, visual art and dance).

The word ‘apocalypse’ is often assumed to mean the end of the world, a theme which, in a time of climate crisis, war, a global pandemic and cost of living crisis, seems apt to explore. However, an apocalypse, stemming from the Greek word apokálypsis (meaning ‘an unveiling’), is in fact a revelation, traditionally mediated by an otherworldly being to a human recipient, interpreting present, earthly circumstances in light of a supernatural realm or future.

With this in mind, Flux has invited each artist to explore this theme and offer their own revelation. Whether glimpsing into an internal, personal apocalypse or an outer, environmental one, each short film acts as a kind of dream or vision, open to different interpretations, leaving us to consider the end of our realities and possible encounters with spiritual experiences.